Elect Major Lafayette Woods, Jr. Sheriff

I would like to welcome you to the official website for the Campaign to Elect Major Lafayette Woods, Jr. Sheriff.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and your desire to learn more about my candidacy for the Office of Sheriff. 

As time nears for the next election, more and more potential candidates are preparing to make their stances on why they should be elected to serve their community known.  I submit to you that my democratic candidacy for the Office of Sheriff comes at the right time, right choice, and all for the right reason.

By now, many of you know that Sheriff Gerald Robinson will not be seeking re-election.  He will be retiring after an illustrious, successful, and effective career in public service.  Sheriff Robinson has been a strong leader in law enforcement who established high levels of trust and integrity within the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.  His footprint on the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Jefferson County as a whole will be everlasting. 

With a world full of danger, we live in perilous times.  Our citizens need a sheriff who has developed trust throughout our community and who has the ability to lead us into the future.  It is vitally important to elect an individual with vision, a willingness to get involved, and who possess an understanding of the challenging needs of our community. 

"I am dedicated to continuing the implementation of innovation solutions to effectively fight crime, increasing the use of technology to include investigative tools in an effort to improve upon the delivery of services related to public safety, and being responsive to the needs of all citizens of Jefferson County"
Major Lafayette Woods, Jr.

Having served the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for nearly 14 years, I have long worked to ensure positive change for families by providing a safe place to live, work and enjoy life.  After Sheriff Robinson shared his vision with me concerning the future of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, I quickly realized the work ahead.  After being asked by Sheriff Robinson to pursue the Office of Sheriff and his endorsement of my candidacy, it reaffirmed my belief that it was the right time to announce my candidacy. 

My education, leadership skills, and abilities coupled with my professional career achievements and understanding of community make me the right choice.

I want every citizen to know that I fully understand that this office is not about the individual who holds the title, but the citizens we serve within our communities.  The office of the sheriff is about providing citizens of Jefferson County with the dedication to ethical conduct and compassionate service.

Major Lafayette Woods, Jr.'s Core Values
  • God and Family
  • Service above self
  • To set and maintain the highest ethical standard of public safety for Jefferson County
  • To provide fair and honest leadership
  • Accountability for everyone
  • Honor & Integrity matter

As a former DEA Task Force Officer and decorated Tri-County Drug Task Force Investigator, my commitment to curtailing the drug epidemic has never been stronger.  I know that if we trace the source of crime back far enough, we often find that the root cause or problem is associated with the sale or use of illegal narcotics, an issue that I am forever concerned about.  Issues that interest me are a growing focus on improving law enforcement-community partnerships, pursuit of policies and practices that ensure transparency and accountability, and departmental technology improvements to ensure more efficient operations.  If elected, these are the things I hope to accomplish along with many others.  For these reasons, I ask for your support!!!  

- Major Lafayette Woods, Jr.



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